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If you are interested in purchasing one of our CD's, please contact us by phone or email, and we would be happy to send it to you in the mail. For your convenience, here are the track lists of our CD's below:


The View From Here

The View From Here, 2014. 



1. Gilles Roy/ Girl I Left Behind Her

2. Back On My Mind

3. Jig Set: Willie Coleman’s Jig/ Major Mackie’s Jig/ Blackthorn Stick

4. Our Waltz

5. Soppin’ the Gravy

6. Bubbles in My Beer

7. Larry Stacey Breakdown/ Carm Butchart Reel

8. Estrellita

9. Don Messer’s Breakdown/ Johnny Wagoner

10. Deep Water

11. Over the Waves

12. The Mouth of the Tobique/ Sir Wilfrid Laurier Reel

13. Make a Mistake

14. El Cumbanchero

15. Water is Wide

Changing Times

Changing Times, 2002.



1. Silvery Bells

2. Trip to Windsor/ Irish Washer Woman

3. The Dawn Waltz

4. Four Jacks

5. Linsey’s Jig/ Buttermilk Mary/Sam’s Sugar Bush

6. Johnson’s Rag

7. Red Carpet Waltz

8. Red Wing/ Maple Leaf Two-step

9. Wet Hen

10. Faded Love/ Maiden’s Prayer

11. Happy Acres Two-Steo

12. Washington County

13. Frisco Waltz

14. Mavis’ Breakdown

15. Country Serenade

16. In the Mood/ Dunganon Sweetheart

17. My Cape Breton Home

18. Pan Handle Rag

19. Ice on the Road/ Karley’s Edge

20. Daffodil Waltz

21. San Antonio Rose

Roots of Our Raising

Root’s of Our Raising, 2006. 



1. Bill Cheatham

2. Rag Time Annie

3. Wall of Memory

4. Lieutenant Governor’s Waltz

5. Plough Boy/ Leventine’s Barrel

6. So Afraid of Losing You

7. Lady Be Good

8. Gloria’s Waltz

9. Eldon And Ethel

10. Rippling Water Jig/ Tuggerman’s Jig

11. Jesse Polka

12. Where I Come From

13. Whiskey Before Breakfast

14. Willow Springs

15. Jennifer Waltz

16. Four String Polka

17. Sunset on the Ottawa

18. The Roots of Our Raising

19. In the Garden


Fiddlin' 4 Generations

Fiddling 4 Generations, 2000. 



1. Two-Step Medley: Snow Deer Joys of Quebec/ Golden Slippers

2. Westphalia Waltz

3. Old Man, Old Woman/ Growling Old Man, Growling Old Woman

4. Lassie’s Jig/ Carmen’s Amber

5. Red Wing

6. Black Velvet Waltz

7. Flower’s of Edinburgh/ Angus Campbell

8. Sherbrooke Reel

9. Ashokan Farewell

10. Thanks to Emma

11. Tom and Jerry

12. Unfortunate Rake

13. Fergus Rag

14. Spud Island Breakdown

15. Raemona Waltz

16. Reel Medley: Rambler’s Hornpip/ Crooked Stovepipe/ St. Anne’s Reel/ Swamplake Breakdown

17. Buck Fever Rag

18. Maple Sugar

19. Smile the While

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